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i never thought i'd see you naked : Teletubbies' Pui Lee Fan

by mg at 09:30 AM on June 01, 2001

I always thought the Teletubbies were naked to begin with, I mean, why else would I get so turned on whenever I watched the show? But, apparently, the Teletubbies aren’t real - they are just people inside costumes.

Crazy, I know!

And it turn’s out there is a real live woman inside of Po (The Red One) that amusingly enough, is named Pui. The actress who plays Po is named Pui Lee Fan, to be exact, and after taking off the Po costume, she slipped into a couple of lesbians on the BBC’s Metrosexuality. Pui is often naked on the show, and has been spotted performing cunnilingus (a word with more syllables than are usually spoken in an entire episode of Teletubbies) on other girls.

We contacted Tinky Winky, former co-worker of Po’s and no stranger to controversy himself, who said he’d seen the pictures, but that he wasn’t all that interested in them.

The rest of the children’s television community were shocked about the pictures:

When we showed them to Fred Rogers he started taking off his sweater and shoes and said, "Oh, would she be? Could she be? Please, won’t she be my neighbor?” Mr. Rogers added, “I'm just so lonely and playing make-believe isn't really doing it for me anymore."

Big Bird, of Sesame Street, said he had seen the picture. He told us that looking at them made him "a bigger bird." Before we could continue with the interview, he abruptly told us that he couldn't answer any more questions because he just remember he had to go play with his Snuffleupagus.

Papa Smurf, contacted at his retirement community in Boca Raton, Florida, said, “Holy Smurf! What a set smurfs on that smurf! I’d sure like to stick my smurf in her smurf and smurf her all night long!”

We contacted another former co-worker of Po’s, Laa-Laa, to question him about Po’s nudity, but every time we put away the pictures and tried to begin the interview he would say “Again! Again!” Finally we just gave him the pictures and left.

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God, I love reading this site everyday. You're so whacked, Michael. Don't ever change.

by Lilly White at June 1, 2001 2:19 PM

only a true connoisseur of toddler programming could have written this - someone who not only watched these shows, but watched them *intently*. i'm impressed.

by kd at June 1, 2001 2:35 PM

What? I don't understand.

Are you saying that I'm the only one who gets turned on watching Teletubbies, The Big Comfy Couch, and Blues Clues?

by mg at June 1, 2001 3:20 PM

well blues clues, of course - that Steve is hot, hot, hot! & that clown babe that lives on the couch is very flexible, so yeah, i know what you mean...

by kd at June 1, 2001 4:29 PM

There is a simple Freudian explaination to why you get turned on watching Teletubbies. You are a sick, sick bastard - just like me. I always wonder just what's going on with that vaccuum cleaner once the cameras stop rolling!

And just think how you'll react now knowing Po has some hot punky Asian girl-on-girl going on.

by Charles at June 3, 2001 11:44 PM


by Chair at October 20, 2001 8:14 PM


by jjgjh at November 2, 2001 7:00 AM

i am steve from blues clues and i get it up the ass so keep up the good work!

by Steve at December 21, 2001 9:09 PM

the girl from "The Big Comfy Couch" is an unbelievable piece of ass, my dream is to sleep with, while she wears the big shoes and red nose

by chris at February 15, 2003 6:39 PM

Laa laa is a girl, not a boy. DAMNIT!

by crowchick at March 1, 2003 9:16 PM

hahaha you guys are great, funny as hell too. but did you know steve from blues clues didnt really goto college, he went to jail for drugs, shocking huh? keep up the humor people!

by Merkel at January 4, 2005 12:27 PM

im johnny depp

by angel at December 26, 2005 3:59 AM

hi everyone its me again i think tinky winkie is hot

by angel at December 26, 2005 4:00 AM

It's actually Pui Fan Lee, and she is a hot asian actor...

by Jo Blo at January 26, 2007 8:23 PM

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