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Hmm...this should do.

by zia at 06:01 PM on June 13, 2001

This was meant to be posted yesterday, but I managed to muck up the ..the...god, computer stuff! software error or something. Dear Michael had to fork out an hour of his life to remedy my punk deed. Of course, he is also so kind to request an hour off me for ""what" can be discussed at a later date."

Sorry and thank you. I'm nervous already.


Oh god. Iím boring my ass off here. Thatís when my mid-year tests/finals are six peanuts days away, a jungle for a backyard, and my pile of homework is celebrating its two-year old anniversary.

Maybe Iím lazy, if you think youíre even lazier than me, sure, take the title, Iím too lazy to defend it anyway. And man, can I procrastinate! Even the enigma ( did I just used that word? never mind, Iíll leave the explanation later. ) of my sexuality is not spared. * sings * ď Everybody loves you when youíre a Bi, kissing all the girls and licking all the guysÖĒ. Now that might turn a few brains, again, Iím procrastinating on top of whatís already afforded. Bytch.

Like going to school would help. Although I must inform that I do religiously turn up in every lectures with much decency, even to those that I donít belong to. Conscionable time killers. Lecturer that goes pretty fast is fine, if only the notes bears any remote existence when she says sheíll put them on desk copy Ö. Those that bored me to death and takes endless pauses only nurtures my around-the-clock ennui and smiles upon my bugging lassitude. There is one so academic that he canít explain concepts in plain English. Lacking pedagogical ( the science of teaching ) knowledge is a surefire way, hell yeah, to generate rambling lectures with irrelevant and unnecessary babbling. Some babble and waffle and babble and waffle. Those dudes just arenít clear and donít know what theyíre talking about. Simply a case of overblown arrogance. Wait, this sounds just like meÖ

( Now I would have to digress! ). I reckon all the tedium would subserviently vanish like dream if college were history and I get to skip around in my business suit and heels. Yay!. Then there would be plentiful tidbits to keep me occupied and sane. Stuff like putting the picture of my scowling mother on my business card, go to work in my fluffy pyjamas, schedule meetings for 2.12 am, endless jolly banter with the copier machine and the list is inexhaustibleÖ

The last thing you can suggest are boys. Boys make my life complicated. Enough said.

Thank god for tomorrow. Wednesday would be my energetic, go-getter, enthusiasm pullulated, ego tripping personality Ė that means Wednesday would last about 2 minutes. No ill feelings towards Wednesday anyway [ leftover from Tuesdayís attitude!].

Would love to fill you in on how Mondays ( Hah! ), Thursdays, Fridays and the weekends fare. Maybe. Iím too bored to write on. Mind you, this is Tuesday talking.

Oh yes, if I must, I gotta congratulate Michael on his kick ass attitude but Iím too lazy to type about how I felt about his previous couple posts regarding his work. So Michael, if you're wondering, here it is:

* Pull down her knickers, paint a W on each of her ass cheeks and bend over *


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