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bad advice : prom is good for only one thing

by mg at 11:55 AM on April 03, 2001

Rowan writes:

i asked this girl i know to the final year prom. she said she would, then later told me that a slightly better looking guy asked her so she couldn't come with me now.

that was two days before the prom, and so i spent heaps of money on tux hire and

the ticket for her, which she still used with the other guy, but i didn't get to go. please give me some bad advice.

Whoa. Dude, that is so hard-core. What a bitch.

Unfortunately for you, the prom has passed. There is nothing you can do now. Get over it. It could have been worse, she could have been girlfriend. But she was just a friend and she may have done a totally awful thing, but she did it because you let her. And once you let someone walk all over you, there isn't much you can do but get up, dust yourself off, and move on.

Anything else you did now would just makes you look like more of a tool. And sorry to say this, brother, but you were made to look a tool here. It may seem like I am giving you no advice* at all, and really Iím not. Except to say, donít let this happen again.

Girls have this crazy notion that prom should be about romance, when we guys know it is about nothing but sex. This could have been a great opportunity to have sex with your friend, but she chose romance. This girl wasnít having sex with you before, isnít now, and most likely never will be. She chose romance. No big loss for you. Girls, women, whatever, will always choose romance. That is another lesson: donít take a friend to the prom.

I was talking with a friend, today in fact, about how I have never asked a girl out (well, the once). Otherwise, they have all approached me.

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Just noticed this post is broken. There is supposed to be more. I think it (and several other posts) got broke when I switched over from GM. Damn, this was a good one.

by mg at January 16, 2003 12:38 PM

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