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with a little help from my friends

by mg at 12:17 AM on March 11, 2001

The links have been updated with some new friends to Bad Samaritan. These new friends are:

   lovers caught on tape


   this is a cry for help

   m a x d e i d

I've officially declared next week to be "Friends of BS Week" and will be highlighting all the sites that we love or who've shown us love. If you want to be considered a Friend of BS use that form thing down below and let me know.

Should I allow advertising on this site? Yes or No?

I am incurably nosy about who comes to this site and why. In checking my referrer logs today I noticed someone came to the site from usdoj.gov. That is the domain for the United States Department of Justice. Now, what was this U.S. Department of Justice employee looking for on my site from their U.S Department of Justice computer? An article I'd written about Rate My Rack. Good to see our tax dollars are going to help folks get off, even at work.

Dave from Fact0r.net sent an e-mail saying how much he loved the site. Or something. You should go over there and read the IM Abuse stuff. It is remarkably funny. Think prank phone calls gone Internet.

Snaggle pointed out that pillow biting is a sexual thing. A homo-sexual thing. I don't know much about all that "sex" stuff, I thought I was just quoting a line from Waiting for Guffman.

If one more of you mentions that my bed is unmade in my picture (see below) I am going to bite my pillow.

Keith, that slave driver (see below), requested a picture. This one isn't very good and it isn't very recent. But it was in digital form and I'm too lazy to scan anything. And I'm not doing anything embarrassing or illegal in it.

Hey Keith, "i" before "e" except after c.

I had a request from Keith over at Keithers.com for some kind of a bio page. (He also thinks my site is spiffy. i think that is pretty spiffy!) Keithers, your wish is my command: everything you ever wanted to know about mg but were afraid to ask (except for Keithers)

Would you like your site linked from Bad Samaritan? It's fun and easy. Just like me! Either send me an e-mail or use the groovy little form at the bottom of this column. All you have to do is have a worthwhile site. Or put a link to this site on your site. I'm such a whore!

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