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homer simpson's scar

by mg at 12:15 AM on March 09, 2001

Things to do if you are unemployed...

Are you also a victim of the dot.com bubble bursting? I feel like such a tool for writing that, but anyway, are you? If you are, go to Dot Doomed and rate your former employer. Think, Am I Hot or Not for dot.coms. You can rate different dot.coms on whether you think they'll survive or not.

Go find the dot.com that laid you off, cast at least 100 "DOOMED" votes, than have a friend of yours who still works at the company post up the link to the company listing on Dot Doomed to the company's intranet. There is no better way to get back at a former employer like ruining morale. Or stealing office supplies. I love you stapler. I love you paper clip.

In and here I thought this was just a funny Simpson's quote news...

>Compaq FAQ: Where is the ANY Key? (FAQ2859)

This is not a key. When you are instructed to press any key, this means you can press any of the keys on the keyboard (such as the Enter key, the R key, or the space bar).

I can't really say anything funny about this. (and if you don't believe this is really a question, go check it out the FAQ Compaq site.

Like you could come up with a better use for 50 tubs of butter...

A bunch of school kids from the Good Shepherd Primary School in London, England, are testing the theory that a slice of bread will always land buttered side down.

The kids have already been contacted by Dean Kamen, inventor of IT (aka Ginger). Insiders tell us that Kamen has also contacted the lads responsible for Bonsai Kitten. It is believed he is now working on a prototype for a hover-scooter that will revolutionize the way modern cities are built. The scooter will be powered by using a piece of buttered toast strapped to the back of a cat.

Making homophobia pay off...

The Florida chapter of the United Way announced last that they wouldn't give any money to organization's who were discriminatory. Things looked grim for the Boy Scouts, but like they say, always be prepared. The scouts ended up raising $330,000, $5k more than they had been asking for, mainly through donors who only decided to pony up after the United Way made their ruling.

That money will sure buy a lot of smores and those cute little ascots those Boy Scouts wear.

In American kids may be stupid and violent, but British kids are stupid and have bad teeth news...

A recent study showed that British kids don't know one damned thing about their country's history. That's bad news for the Brits, but great news for us Americans. If we can't get smarter, at least our constant barrage of bad TV, music and movies can help to make the rest of the world a little more stupid.

Some house cleaning news...

Last month I went over the transfer/storage limits with my hosting company so I had to get bumped up to the next hosting level. Which means I've now got about 10 times more storage and 5 times more storage than I could possibly conceive of using in the near future.

So, I was thinking what should I use this extra power for? I could start posting pictures of Britney Spear's exposed nipples (here and here ).

But no, I choose to do something a little more noble than providing sex-starved middle-agers with pictures of naked teenagers. Like offer up the bandwidth to folks who've got fantastic sites (or even ideas for sites) and who don't want to be stuck with geocities or tripod. Wouldn't it be great to have a cool badsamarian.com/YOURWEBSITE, rather than all that geocities neighborhood and ~ crap?

Anyway, interested individuals should let me know and we can discuss.

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