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a sex toy story

by mg at 12:12 AM on March 08, 2001

A batch of Toy Story dolls are being investigated for sexually harassing four year olds...

Apparently a doll of Jesse, Woody's girlfriend in Toy Story 2, is rumored to ask: "Have you seen my clitoris?" The Woody doll then responds: "I've been shipwrecked on an island for six months, and the only thing I've seen is the side of FedEx box. Now take off that thong tha-thong thong thong and show me some vulva!"

In more genitalia news, three might be company but two is definitely a crowd for Nick at Nite...

An eagle eyed viewer of the 70s-80s hit "Three's Company" saw something he wasn't expecting during a recent rerun of the show on Nickelodeon. Jack Tripper's nuts. "Yes," said a Nickelodeon spokesman. "His scrotum falls out of his shorts." If anyone has been able to find pictures of this, let me know. I'd really like to see this. For, uh, the sake of news. I'll post the picture here if I find 'em.

In if this law were enacted in the States I'd owe roughly $17 billion news...

A new law in Australia makes it illegal to forward e-mail without the author's prior permission. The new laws set out maximum penalties of five years' jail time or fines of $60,000. I don't really have anything to say about this. Anything that protects copyrights is good, I guess...

I just love that new ritneyB pearsS album!

If you haven't already heard, blah blah blah Napster blah blah RIAA blah spys. People are already coming out up with ways around the recording industries blocking certain songs. Aimster, a program that runs on top of the Napster software now allows you to automatically "alter" the file names of banned songs by using a variation of pig-latin.

So, if you can't live without that new Steely Dan single, check out the Aimster pig encoder.

I don't know what IT is, but they've sure got IT...

IT, aka Ginger, the mysterious invention and phenomenon that sparked millions of words (all about nothing) a couple months ago is about to finally be revealed. Inside.com will reveal what IT is in their next issue. Apparently IT is a hydrogen-powered scooter. Whoopee!

That doesn't quite seem to live up to the claims of IT changing the face of modern cities and being more important than computers and the Internet, but the fact that they'll be using the technology to make "motorized, self-propelled ... chariots" is pretty cool.

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