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peeing drinking movies

by mg at 03:52 PM on December 19, 2000

Hey, itís a late breaking addition to the Holiday Gift Buying Guide! What do you get for the person who has already got everything? No, not a 13 year-old Thai Hooker. You get them a place to put all their stuff. And what better place to put stuff than a bag made from a sack. Your friend will get hours of enjoyment eating candy from a bull's scrotum, and really, who wouldn't doesn't enjoy a good bull scrotum now and again?

Being the egomaniacs we are here at Bad Samaritan we really like to know who are visitors are and where they are coming from. Short of them sending us emails (which we adore) we just check the site logs. We get some pretty strange search queries leading to the site. In fact, every single one has inexplicably included either the terms "Napster," "sex," or "fag." Until last night. Now we can add the word "peeing" to that list. The actual search query was peeing movies drinking, which makes us feel pretty darn icky. The truly bizarre part is that the search came through the Italian Google site.

So, I found out yesterday that the company I work for is being sued. Whoopee! As I was thinking about it I realized that each of my last 3 employers have been sued while I've been working for them. Very odd. The difference being that in this situation I fear for my job. Last week, after management announced a projected $30 million in losses for the 4th quarter, they swore there wouldn't be any layoffs. And while that means I can have a Merry Christmas there is a good chance that by the end of next quarter me and many of my coworkers, might end up ho-ho-homeless. Or at the very least jo-jo-jobless.

Just when I think Rupert Murdoch and the fellas at Fox can't sink any lower they manage to come up with an idea like Temptation Island. Yes, the folks who brought us "When Animals Attack," the "World's Deadliest Police Chases" and "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire" have managed to top themselves again. Here is the premise, and it is indeed a doozie: four unmarried (but committed) couples go to an island with 30 singles. The couples go on dates with the singles and they have to decide, at the end of two weeks, whether they want to stay in their relationship or hook up with someone from the island.

Actually, this show would probably be much better on HBO, since I am guessing nude water sports will abound and the fuzzy dots they use to cover the naughty bits usually cause me to go into an epileptic seizure.

While poking around the Fox site I came across this page, Violence: Get Over It. It is actually a Public Service Campaign AGAINST violence, but that name, pretty cheeky, no? Someone in the marketing department was having fun.

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