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so scary

by mg at 03:19 PM on October 31, 2000

The scarriest website ever!

Learn about the mythology that surrounds the holiday.

Actually, we already know the true meaning of Halloween. Its doing shots off strippers dressed as Pokemon characters. That and bad candy.

Soon to be starring in her own WB series, its Brandi the Teenage Witch.

At this site we learn about Doc Horror, Halloween Girl, and the rest of the characters from Dan Brereton's comic book series. It seems they've either run out of good super-hero character names or this is one lame comic book.

Typing in Halloween into MSN Search returned a lot of results from Detroit. Coincidence or gateway to the underworld? You decide.

Even the undead or getting in on the webcam bandwagon.

Not so famous actor gets shot by police at halloween party. Those damn police! Now he'll never have the chance to overdose like all good actors are supposed to.

I'm hungry, but damn, I had the Dead Sea Soup for lunch.

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