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purple horseshoes, green clovers, black hearses

by mg at 03:02 PM on October 13, 2000

You may not know this, but John Holahan died several weeks ago, at the ripe old age of 83.

Most of you probably don't know who John Holahan is. But he was the guy who invented Lucky Charms cereal. You also probably didn't know that anyone had even invented Lucky Charms, or at least if someone had, it was a 3' tall Irishmen who always dressed in green.

I had no idea people who created cereals were called 'inventors.' Or that cutting up some Circus Peanuts (basically really nasty orange marshmallow candies) and sprinkling them over a bowl of Cheerios (the actual story of how Lucky Charms came to be) could even be called inventing.

But even if Lucky Charms isn't a real invention (like there is anyone out there who has found more enjoyment

from a light bulb than they have from a bowl of 'Charms) I really liked that damn cereal and am going to miss ol' John.

I'd never actually buy a box of Lucky Charms, though. I mean, come on, I could buy a box of Cheerios and a bag of Circus Peanuts for way less money and have the added bonus of being bale to cut stuff. Otherwise I just buy one of the generic brands. Personally my favorite is Marshmallow Mateys. It makes me feel like a pirate. I like booty.

It may be hard to do, but one can find humor even in this tragedy.

That humor certainly doesn't come from what I'm writing, but rather from trying to figure out what is more ironic, that anyone having anything to do with a product called Lucky Charms would die in a horrible accident or that he was on his way to visit his daughter in a hospital, where she was in a coma.

I guess that is not really funny at all.

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