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orient express

by mg at 03:17 PM on October 26, 2000

So, I am writing now from the subway, the N train if you must know, on my way home from work. It's like 8:30 or so. I am writing on my palm, pilot that is, which is kind of a bitch.

While I've gotten pretty good with graffiti I am not that goos. That is why sometimes I write 's' instead of 'd.' Also, the N train is a very bumpy ride. This must be what it was like to ride the train back when they were still pulled by horses.

And when I write on the train I always miss my stop. There it goes, oh no, that wasn't it yet. Fooled you!

Speaking of graffiti, I saw some on the side of a mailbox on my way to the train station. I couldn't exactly read what was on it, which is very sad. When I was younger I used to be all about graffiti.

This was back when you could actually tag up on the side of a subway car, you could still get a buzz from sniffing markers and before the scene had so much cred that they do retrospectives on it at the Met.

The only bit I was able to understand now was the word perverts. I thought that was kind of amusing.

To get even further from my original point, there is this bit of graffiti around where I work. It says: I heart porno. Except it doesn't say heart but is actually a picture of a heart. I walk out of my way every morning so that I can pay homage at the shrine of porno. I want a T-shirt made from that graffiti.

I was going to make these t-shirts in support of my man George W. that said I heart bush on one side and I heart dick on the other. Except it wouldn't say heart but would instead be a picture of a heart.

I didn't end up making those shirts because I am a lazy lazy man. Between working ten hours a day building other people's websites, then coming home and working on my own stupid website I don't have time for fun things like making t-shirts.

Or watching teen angst on the WB, downloading porn from the inter-net, sleeping, eating blah blah blah.

I hope Bush wins the election if only so that I can have a chance to make those shirts. (Also because I like his plan for school vouchers).

I think maybe in four years I might not be so lazy anymore.

Hey! About palm pilots and other personal digital assistants (PDA) - have you heard about Avantgo? It is a very cool and free software/service that lets you download inter-net sites to your PDA for viewing whenever you want. Like when you are on the subway and it is too bumpy to write. Or when you get sick of playing solitaire.

So all of the channels they have there are stupid. Yahoo!, Fox, Rolling Stone, blah blah blah. But you can make your own channels. I made one for drew and one for stileproject (yes, you can even see pictures!) and one even for badsamaritan.

Yes, I do realize how narcissistic that sounds, but I only did it for research purposes. Now I can tell you all to go to Avantgo and make your own Bad Samaritan channel! Hooray!

It will be the most fun you ever had with your palm!

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