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music review - "anything" by jay z

by mg at 03:09 PM on October 19, 2000

Some friends of mine back in college were really into the musical "Oliver."

When the film was shown in the Union at the school we went to, they went to the show dressed as characters from the show and acted out scenes and sang along to songs in front of the screen. They called it the "Oliver Horror Picture Show."

I hear it was hilarious. But I didn't see them do it, nor have I ever actually seen "Oliver."

Which is probably why I like Jay Z's song, "Anything." I bought "Volume 3" because I thought it was on that album, but it turns out it is only on the Japanese import. Go figure.

I didn't really like "Hard Knock Life" from his previous album, "Volume 2 - Hard Knock Life" and its use of "It's The Hard-Knock Life" from the musical "Annie."

I've seen "Annie."

Many times.

I hate that redheaded, no-eyed little bitch. And her stupid no-eyed dumb dog. Not to mention her no-eyed, shiney-headed dad.

My mom would force me to watch that stupid movie every time it came on TV. That and "The Sound of Music."

Damnit, how I used to wish I was an orphan. Then I could either A) live on the street and have cool friends like the Artful Dodger, or B) get adopted by a rich-step parent and have all sorts of crazy adventures.

I mean, where the hell is my Artful Dodger?

Where is my rich step parent?

I'd even be willing to call Yul Brenner "Daddy Warbucks" if you get my drift.

Whatever happened to Punjabi? Have you read the "Annie" comic in the Sunday paper recently? No Punjabi there.

I often ask myself when it stopped being okay to make fun of people different then us real Americans? Someone should tell "The Simpsons" because I still get a kick out of Apu.

Someone should also tell "The Simpsons" that it'd cheaper if they didn't draw pupils in their characters eyes.

It would save time in what, I'm sure, is already a tight production schedule. And James L. Brooks, the show's producer, would be able to save some of the seventy cents he pays the animators in that Korean labor camp each month.

That money could really add up one day.

And I'd certainly be willing to call Matt Groening my "Daddy Warbucks."

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