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jacks back

by mg at 03:07 PM on October 17, 2000

I took a little vacation this past weekend. I actually took Monday off from work, which is why there wasn't a new thing yesterday. Sorry.

Well, I was in the airport waiting for my connecting flight and I look up from my Tom Clancy novel (or was it John Grisham?) when I see this rather large and scary looking dog.

I think it was a Doberman, but all its fur was black.

Now, I've never seen a dog wandering around an airport before so I assumed there must be a blind person of my flight.

I thought it kind of odd that they would choose such a rather large and scary looking dog to be a helper for a blind person but then I thought that a blind person probably wouldn't think that the dog was that scary looking after all.

I adjusted my gaze a little further in order to get a good look at who the dog belonged to and saw a rather large and scary looking guy to go along with the rather large and scary looking dog.

The guy turned around a little and I could see that he wasn't wearing any sunglasses and his eyes didn't look all weird and clear like when LeVar Burton would take off his banana clip on Star Trek.

The rather large and scary guy who was not blind at all (he might have had an astigmatism - I could not tell) turned around some more and I could see on his windbreaker the word "POLICE."

Oh, I thought, this must be one of those drug sniffing dogs my friend, the mule, is always talking about.

Good thing I had decided to leave that kilo of crack-cocaine at home!

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