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it, well I, got awful hot this summer

by mg at 02:53 PM on October 05, 2000

The summer of 2000's greatest addition to pop culture is not The Thong Song. It's not Survivor either. And it is certainly not Big Brother. No, the Summer of '00 will always be remembered, at least by us anyway, as the summer of the backless shirt

Working in New York City's trendy SoHo district I am often faced with the burning question of how Victoria's Secret can possibly stay in bussiness when no women in that neighborhood, and very few in the entire city, seem to even own a bra. Aren't they worried about chafing?

So, I am certainly not surprised when I see a

lovely, and of course the occasional not-so-lovely, woman showing points, but the first time I saw one of these things out in public I was shocked. I mean, I'd not seen so much flesh since the last time I'd rented "Genital Hospital 6."

And while I do so love this fashion trend and am dreading the inevitable progression toward winter and big, bulky sweaters, there is one caveat. Before you put one of these things on, ask yourself a question:

"Can the rolls of fat on my back possibly be mistaken for a second set of breasts?"

If the answer is yes, or even a maybe, then you should steer clear if this particular fashion trend.

That and cheesburgers.

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