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bits o' stuff?

by mg at 03:16 PM on October 23, 2000

I'm being particularly link-slutty today, so no coherent thoughts, just these:

The Blessed Virgin Mother, I mean the musician, Madonna, won her court case for the rights to the URL Madonna.com. The World Intellectual Property Organization (the what?) took the URL from Don Parisi, porn entrepreneur, who had a similar fight over his Whitehouse.com. Parisi had been planning on donating the URL to some nuns, the folks who currently run Madonna.org. Good for Madonna, I guess, but I hope this doesn't set a precedent. I don't want Pat Buchanon suing us over the use of badsamaritan.com.

My pal adam wrote a bit for Bad Samaritan last week about the music biz and why most good bands can't make it. The next day Chuck D gives the keynote address at the opening of the CMJ Music Fest and talks about the EXACT SAME THING. Coincidence or alien involvement?

Subway Series madness. I almost couldn't even watch the first game because it was too painful. I had to keep switching channels because I couldn't bear the stress. Except, I don't have cable so every time I switched channels "Touched by an Angel" or some other CBS crap, was on. So, I ended up watching the whole damn thing. Painful. I don't think I can bear to watch another one, no matter who ends up winning. (Go Mets!)

Speaking of Subway Series', the fighting continues in Israel. When hasn't the fighting continued in Israel? Read a fantastic piece about the whole history of that mess on Suck.com. And let me add, I aspire to Suck. I just hope when day people use the words "Suck" and "Bad Samaritan" in the same sentence. Yes, I realize what I just said.

I spent a large part of the weekend reading all the Drew archives. From the beginning. Ouch. My head hurts. But at least I know how to get rid of that pesky squirrel in my backyard. Also that creepy neighbor kid. If you've never read Drew, go there NOW. It is the only inter-net site you will ever need. Well, besides for this one.

I've been thinking of doing a new design for the site. For the beginning of 11/, that is. And then maybe updated each month. Any of you particularly married to this design? If so, I guess I could wait a while, the site has been up for less than a month, after all. And I am so awfully awfully lazy.

Oi. Gotta love cheap spell checkers - "Begining = Begging." Actually, I think they know me too well.

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