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Feeling pretty psyched

by anna at 07:42 AM on October 13, 2006

Consider how much time Man spends combating the natural order of things. Basically it is all our waking moments. We wake up, but don't feel fully awake immediately. Hence coffee. Lest bacteria cause us to smell offensive, we shower and apply deodorant. Specific areas of our bodies must be shaved. Since the natural state of being is ignorance of anything other than our own direct experiences we have newspapers delivered to our driveways and turn on Today.

If the grass grows beyond a certain height we must methodically mow it down. And edge. And weed. And seed. And feed. And trim, if we can figure out how to make the plastic string feed. When paint inevitably starts to peel we install vinyl siding. And so forth.

The same is true on a macro scale. Man despises anarchy just as nature deplores a vacuum. We install governments through various means ranging from the pure democracy that brought you Hamas in Palestine and the well-oiled machine that is the Iraqi government to brute force to the communism prevalent in China, Cuba (where the dear leader is clinging to life) and North Korea. Regardless of the system chosen, millions of people toil night and day to formulate "policy." In a democracy these are called lawmakers. These are the people who perpetuate such fallacies as the "War on Drugs."

Yes, I did mention North Korea if not its Dear Leader Mr. II. Is this guy a show or what? A wine-guzzling, meth-dealing, womanizing a-hole in lady's sunglasses, ill-fitting suits and elevator shoes who looks like he'd be more at home in a gay bar, presiding over a ridiculously goose-stepping million man military and a hapless populace where nobody works or eats because of his communist philosophy! Dear Leader indeed. These people are rooting around for grubs or roadkill while the soldiers and Mr. II and his servile whores feast upon filet mignon and lamb chops imported from his buds in China. Relief aid! When he finally made good on his threat to test an A-bomb it turned out to be a one-ton dud, essentially an M-80 in a mailbox in middle America. Take 10,000 of those and you would have a mini-Hiroshima. And for some reason the folks revere this joker and refrain from ripping his head off. Between cocktail parties, ineffectual UN types wring their hands over him and craft spineless "UN Resolutions" to no end. Take that, Mr II!

Go figure. Some contend N-Kos are brainwashed but I am not buying into that. The urge to eat overrides any political nonsense. What is up with that?

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It's funny because I noticed it's tricky to 'type' Kim Jong 'Il' sometimes,

because the faunt on HTML always comes out as II and shit.

by LOCKHEED at October 13, 2006 6:18 PM

Is it II as in the second or Il as in the Beasty Boys' License to Il?

Speaking of lame lawmakers, they've quietly outlawed internet gambling, a diversion enjoyed by 23 million Americans, myself included. Every New Year's Eve we get drunk, feast on surf and turd and stay home and gamble to avoid the amateur drunk drivers out there. Now we will be out among you. God damn all Congressmen to hell.

by anna at October 14, 2006 11:01 AM

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