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Urge to kill, rising.

by quicksilver at 04:30 PM on February 20, 2002

I sit here as I attempt to calm myself. No, I didn't look at my stock portfolio, although I suppose if I did, i'd be breaking out into a nervous sweat, rather than attempting to regulate my breathing. I am a victim of, get this: orneryness. There are people out there that are cranky enough to make me want to take their monitors, raise them high high high up in the sky, and crash them down on their heads. Then take their keyboards and hit the monitor with them.

Sample conversation:
"Hey, can you whenyougetaminutetrytoshowmehowto find this computerprogram that's on my computer because you never installed it in the firstplace you cocky IT techsupport guy who should be serving me hand and foot?"

Sure thing. Be right up.

"Can you get to itrightnow,because there are some important thingsI have to dolike waste your timeright now because you have absolutely no projects of your own to work on?"

*grumble softly* Yeah, sure, gimme a minute.

"Well I'm going upstairs nowwhy don't you come with me andshow me where the program is because I don't know where it is and its been on my computer thewhole time because you installed it fourteen monthsago and then I lost the ikon that was on my thingy, you know desktop."

*rolls eyes very very carefully*

It got better from there. No, I didn't help the planet this time, Captain Planet. I didn't remove that scourge from the face of the earth. I failed to raise her monitor in time. Then she moved.

Crap. I gotta work on my timing. Ah, the life of an IT professional. Its like dog-walking. You show them where to go, but don't have to pick up the poop.

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I will admit I am an idiot when it comes to IT, but I am my own IT support, and I muddle through (much teeth knashing) -

What gets me are people like your example who haven't even figured out the basics of the computer 'desktop'.

I run my own CAD business, drafting houses, mostly, the design/build trade. I have a client who insists I send him in progess drawings to evaluate. Well and Fine. (we won't talk about programs and valid licenses - I have mine...)

I sent him a zipped file, with an email, that *very* carefully explained to him that he would need to 'drag and drop' the two files into the same folder, before opening the one he was looking for.

Ten minutes later, he is on the phone... I can hear the smile in his voice - he's calling me out for being an idiot... "Where's the rest of the drawing, Jenn? Did you forget to draw it?" No, did you put both drawings in the same folder? Pause. "What do you mean?" I mean, did you read my very carefully written email explaining what you needed to do to correctly view the drawing? Did you put them both in the same folder on your computer? Pause... pause...

Finally, proudly: "*I* don't *use* folders on *my* computer."

Holy shit, I kid you not.
What do you do to these people?
Unfortunately, in my case, I grind my teeth, spend time merging files together that work perfectly fine as they are if you have *half* a brain, send those and carry on.

by jenn at February 20, 2002 5:24 PM

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