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Miscellaneous Meanderings

by jesus at 02:19 AM on February 21, 2002

My fellow Bad Samaritans surely lead interesting daily lives: one is likely off saving buxom, young damsels in distress from fire breathing dragons, another is probably somewhere in an African jungle fighting off hordes of monkeys while single handedly dragging medical supplies to a war torn village, and the others are probably doing whatever it is people with lives do when they're not writing for BS.

I, however, am not so blessed. And it's not like I woke up this morning and told myself, "Hmmm, I think I'll skip my regular dragon tussle and African aid mission today and sleep in", I've never fended off a dragon, not even once. So, that being the case, I'll just have to ramble about whatever comes to my mind, real stream of consciousness like.

Random Thought 1: This Skeleton thing they're showing on NBC seems interesting (read: dangerous); people diving head first and sliding down a track at 120 km/h could make for intriguing television. 120 km/h could equal 10 mph for all I know about the metric system, but it sure sounds fast. And if NBC ever decided to put Michelle Kwan on one of those things and send her down the mountain, I'd be almost compelled to watch it. I wouldn't actually go to Utah, mind you, for I fear being gunned down by the Mormon Mafia, but I would definitely put forth the effort required to turn on my tv.

Random Thought 2: Where exactly is Belarus? What is Belarus? Is it one of those former Soviet satellites that all went to hell when that communism thing fell through? And if so, why hasn't it tacked a "stan" or "slavia" onto the end of its name like all the others? I only mention this because the Swedish hockey team lost to Belarus, a country I didn't know existed until a couple days ago. You know, if the Swedish team was composed entirely of ancient Japanese warriors, they'd have all committed hara-kiri for shaming their country and ancestors.

Random Thought 3: I dunno which BS member is on that African mission, but could you bring me back one of those monkeys? I'd prefer it be free of AIDS and ebola and, to a lesser extent, fleas, but whatever you can grab and stuff in your nap sack is fine. I've always wanted a monkey of my own. Not only are they incredibly amusing, but smart too. Granted, a diseased monkey pulled from the heart of the African jungle might not display the same intellect and ability as say, one of those genetically engineered super monkeys developed for NASA, but beggars can't be choosers. If the token Knight in Shining Armour BS member wants to gimme their damsel, I'll accept that in place of a monkey.

Finally, I send out a fond happy birthday to Kurt Cobain. He would be 35 today.

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I don't know much more than you about Belarus, but I know that it has produced the single finest, most mouth-watering guy in my Russian 1 class. So how bad can it be?

by jean at February 21, 2002 3:25 AM

i like monkeys.

by kd at February 21, 2002 3:55 AM

Helper monkeys are good for fetching beer, and making orange juice. Mmm. Monkey juice. I heard a story that my grandmother cooked a monkey once and served it to the family. Craazy chinese.

by quicksilver at February 21, 2002 10:47 AM

Belarus, when it was one of the constituent republics of the former Soviet Union, was also known as Byelorussia, or White Russia. Not to be confused with the White Russians who opposed the Reds during the civil war that led to the establishment of the USSR. (Sorry, I'm a big Russia/USSR geek and can't pass up a chance to perform a little pedagogy.)

by John at February 21, 2002 1:13 PM

What about confusing it with the White Russian the snooty woman in the fur coat at the bar I was at last night ordered? Mmm. Creamy.

by quicksilver at February 21, 2002 4:15 PM

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