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la, la, la, la, la, la, now you know the tune

by mg at 10:38 AM on February 01, 2002

When I got to work yesterday morning, there was a cop car outside the building. Considering there is no parking on that street, any car is a little strange, but a cop car is downright [insert other word for strange].

When I go into the building there were not one, not two, not four thousand, but three, cops right there in the lobby. Peculiar and peculiarer.

After settling down at my borrowed desk, booting up the computer and checking my email, I decided I deserved a break. I went upstairs to the corporate cafeteria (employment has its privileges) for some coffee and a sticky bun.

Heading back toward the elevator, I passed a cop heading into the cafeteria. “This is getting to be really weird,” I think I thought to myself.

I headed back downstairs and proceeded to check out everyone’s blog, I mean “work” (no, really) for the next couple hours. I headed outside at about 2 (forgoing a second trip to the cafeteria), for lunch and a smoke.

As I was standing outside, what do my wondering perceive, but one of those miniature police cars and eight overweight police officers. This was getting downright scary. Was there a bomb threat in my building? A murder? Free donuts in the cafeteria?

I left work at about 7 and decided, instead of going directly to the subway and home, I decided to walk uptown a bit. I like walking. Helps me think and burn off sexual tension. It also propels me past many store windows, where I might peer in and covet the many things I could never hope to afford.

I got to about 47th street and 5th avenue, and whilst craning my neck and pining over some new Kenneth Cole shoes, I notice a giant blob of blue to my left. On closer inspection, it wasn’t just one big ball of blue, but rather a conglomeration of many smaller globs off blue. I took off my fake glasses to wipe the rain off (did I mention it was raining? That I decided to walk close to a mile, at night, in the rain, without an umbrella?).

When I put my fake glasses back on, I was able to see that the ball of blue wasn’t made of blue globs at all, rather, it was made up of a gaggle of police officers. They must have been five deep and twenty wide, if they were a day. I counted close to 3,987 police officers in the group. And they were just standing there, in one spot. Doing nothing.

Those 50 square feet may have constituted the lowest crime rate in the world, but I was standing half a block away and I got mugged nine times.

I’ve been thinking about it since last night and I can still come to no logical conclusion to explain the well above average police prescence I’d encountered throughout the day. On a completely unrelated note, New York seems pretty unprepared for the World Economic Forum.

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did anyone else observe that many cops yesterday, or was it just you? maybe it's just you they're watching.

by kd at February 1, 2002 11:44 AM

Sigh....dont ya just love the way he says "Sticky buns"....not to mention the guy wares fake glasses...wow you gotta luv that...:-)

by Pistine at February 3, 2002 11:27 PM

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