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Domitae Naturae

by emma at 04:17 PM on February 20, 2002

Today a friend told me "Emma you get away with domestic murder!". I looked at my friend incredulous and intrigued as to what kind of domestic hell she inhabited with her partner, whilst contemplating my own fortunate position when it comes to chores and household tasks.

And no, i haven't been knocking off my significant other with a frying pan, or polishing his head (contrary to popular belief) with a rolling pin but apparently, when it comes to domestic chores, i'm the first to make a dash for the door and not with a duster.

During my teenage years i expounded on the importance of equality in relationships, that i would never see any man who didn't accept his share of household responsibilities.

It seems that in todays enlightened relationships when couples talk about equality they mean both partners sharing chores. Oops...i seem to have to have got the wrong end of the broomstick (as if), with retrospect i realise that my declarations of equality actually meant "you don't really expect me to clean do you" or "i just know you would look sexy with a vacumn and i reckon your a beast with a duster"

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I love doing household chores. Pushing the broom, emptying the vacuum bags, oiling the hardwood, watching the souffle rise and, of course, stuffing the bird.

by mg at February 20, 2002 6:15 PM

Cor, there's nothing better than a good stuffing especially after oiling the hardwood ;-)

by emma at February 20, 2002 6:50 PM

I like chores too! Domestic men are now more common than domestic women. Damn career oriented women. Learn how to cook dammit. I did. Mmmm. Deer chili. Now back to our regularly scheduled stuffing.

by quicksilver at February 21, 2002 10:53 AM

I am not one for cleaning. I do it, then get overwhelmed cause my 2 year old wrecked it again while I was online. So much for that nap.
I also have twin boys which is exhausting. I do cook once in awhile. I love the crock pot.
Maybe someone can help me figure this out.....a chore list didn't work.....maybe for a week

by Nat at April 1, 2005 8:05 PM

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