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And we're off.

by quicksilver at 11:28 AM on February 19, 2002

I think I've been on a language kick ever since we had a post at Papa Bad Sam regarding "Irish American" and "African American" stereotypes. We fell into ebonics, the wonderfully bastardized version of English that ghetto kids supposedly use to communicate around their oppressors. Its sorta like a code. I've found several instances of this in real life, apparently. A few days ago while travelling to work, I found this gem scrawled on the wall at Grand Central Station:


I just searched through the dictionary, and didn't find a damn reference to polic. Check out the rest of that site to finally git da four-eleven on all dat shiz. And to think I had a hard time earninglay igpay atinlay. (I was also wondering who the polic bitch was, for about ten seconds. Hey, I'm slow in the morning.)

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