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achtung baby, boring periodic site update ahead!

by mg at 11:05 AM on February 08, 2002

I haven't done one of those boring site updates in a while, so, here goes:

The January song contest thing is over. More on that, later.

There are also two BIG Bad Samaritan announcements to be made in the next couple days. These revelations will change the face of the Internet forever. Prepare to be amazed, or at least mildly amused.

I added a couple new quotes to the random tagline generator. Hit reload (a lot), to find them.

I also added several new sites to the "favorites" list. If you think you deserve to be on that list let me know, maybe I’ll agree. I’m as big a fan of linky love as the next guy.

For those of you too lazy to figure it out, those sites marked with an "&" are new. Those marked with a "!" are big favs. And those marked with a "*" are sites of Bad Samaritan staff members.

I added a little text ad up at the top of the page. The service is provided by the wonderful people at Ad Farm. If you want to support Bad Samaritan (or any of about 30 other independent content producers), you can go there now and buy an ad. The base plan costs a mere $10; a small price to pay for great content, made fresh daily.

If you want to just give me money, there is always Pay Pal:

If you don’t want to give me money, but want to support Bad Samaritan, you can help out by purchasing goods or services from any of these fine digital merchants: Big-Penis, Netflix, Lovers Caught on Tape, Crucial, T-Shirt Hell, and of course, Amazon.

If you are poor (and don’t worry, I’m poor too. I’ve been spending my days at Grand Central Station with a “Will Blog for Food” sign) and want to support Bad Samaritan, why don’t you go vote for us at the Antibloggies. I think it ends today. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any chance to win, since I’m just as unpopular with the Z-Listers as I am unknown with the A-Listers. But, you know, hope springs eternal.

Besides for “Biggest sore loser for not winning a Bloggie” I’m not really in love with any of the categories. These are some of the categories I’ve been voting for myself: “Most distracting background image,” “Biggest jerk,” “Biggest potty mouth,” and “Weblog of the Millennium.” So, you know go vote, or don’t, I couldn’t care less either way.

And finally, I’m still looking for new Samaritans. If interested in joining the staff, or you sent an application and I never got back to you, let me know. Over and out.

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PS: I actually do want to win an Antibloggie. Go vote for me.

by mg at February 8, 2002 11:20 AM

He's leaving us hanging again. Sigh.

by snaggle at February 8, 2002 3:41 PM

I am immensely proud of the Anti-Bloggie Cheat Form that was made on my behalf.

And I never did figure out the * and ! and & notation myself. I now feel immensely stupid.

by Antwon at February 8, 2002 4:31 PM

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