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When everbody has got one.....

by zia at 03:41 AM on June 21, 2001

Suck list huh? Urm, okay. So the girl says:

I hate not knowing where to start. I hate knowing where to start now. I hate shiny people. I hate being easily distracted by shiny things. I hate people that hide when I turn around. I hate fat numbers. I hate Riccarton area traffic. No matter where youíre going at anytime, the whole population seems to be following you there. I hate pokemon. I hate being stepped on. I hate the word cyber. I hate filling out forms. I hate titanic. I hate polite people. I hate everything that is real. I hate flat beer. Undrinkable. I hate my guts. I hate those things on your face. I hate splash backs from toilets. I hate locking myself out of my house. I hate cold butter. I hate short people. I hate short people who get offended when I hate them. I hate burping tabby cats. I hate things that stick out and poke me. I hate bogans with loud stereos when Iím trying to get rid of my headaches. I hate writing three page papers overnight. I hate http error number 404. I hate dealing with cat litter when I donít own a cat myself. I hate to be addicted to hate. I hate commercialization of things. I hate it when I have this Ď The thong songí by Sisqo stuck in my head. I hate Ackland. I hate it when I typed Ackland instead of Auckland. I hate manufactured guilt. I hate 6am. I hate being painfully cold. I hate explaining the same thing over and over and over and over. I hate it when I inappropriately laughed at other peopleís pain. I hate the sound of my alarm clock. I hate Britney Spears. Notice her initial also stands for BULLSHIT ( haha! ). Wait, so does BS! Oops!. I hate to be stared at. I HATE that! I hate holier-than-thou people. I hate panickers. They make it worse for everybody. I hate waking up confused not knowing whatís the day, time or where am I. I hate to list all this hate stuff. I hate people who drive sub speed limits. I hate random brakers that brake like the road is going to end. I hate forgetting to do homework. Wait, I donít do homework! I hate not knowing how to get out this suck list. I hate smart people, especially when they ask me questions that I have to think about and thus wasting my time. I hate people who think I hate them when I really do. I hate everybody else too as I donít want to be accused of being discriminatory. I hate it when itís dark at half past 3 in the afternoon, unnecessary shit? I hate pickup trucks that wonít pick up anything. I hate intellectual snobbery. I hate begging at the table and getting no response at all. Meanies! I hate choosing between sleep and school. I hate those pointy weeds along Avon River. I hate potties that wobble when you sit on them. I hate toothbrushes with flexible head. They always flew out of my mouth when I brush too erratically. I hate not being able to brush erratically. I hate fruity pebbles. They make my mouth hate me. I hate how you lost your faith in peopleís sincerity when you take up psychology. I hate girl/women/ladies who pretend to act stupid and think it is attractive to do so. I hate easy cocktail listening fads. I hate corduroys, and that goes without saying. I hate it when MS word underlines words in red. I hate 6am. I hate the fact that Iíve already said I hated 6am. I hate other peopleís hair in my soap. I hate the stuff in your teeth. I hate bad porn. Wait, thereís not such thing as bad porn! (?). I hate that Iím actually addicted to the things that I hate. I hate repeating. I hate scary braids. I hate healthy people who park in handicapped spots. I hate thongs riding up my... I hate the fact that it isnít all that easy to hate. But I still hate each and every hate and will hate them all over again!

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I hate it when someone turns off Numlock on my keyboard. Drives me fucking nuts.

Rrrrgghgh! *crushes paper cup*

by space at June 21, 2001 3:59 PM

why don't you kill yourself, instaed of hating short people

by asdas at June 4, 2005 9:55 AM

Shut the fuck up.

by Axey at August 1, 2005 3:04 PM

Lol, thats actually quite funny, I bet half of the things on the list apply to me. I'm on the short side but what the hell it's hilarious. Lol BS, thats actually funny :P Keep up the nice job !

by Nicole at October 26, 2005 9:30 AM

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