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animals peeing

by mg at 04:02 AM on April 04, 2001

A while back I made the unfortunate mistake of mentioning the words peeing, drinking, and movies in the same post. In fact, the same sentence, but not in that icky order that all the visitors who got to this site using those search terms were hoping.

One day, a while later, I then made the second unfortunate mistake of talking about how many people got to the site searching for the terms "peeing," "drinking," and "movies." I also happened to mention the word "animals" in another part of that same post.

Which leads me to where I am now. Countless people looking for animals peeing, finding their way to Bad Samaritan, which happens to contain absolutely no peeing animals. Sorry.

Actually, I'm not sorry. I'm disapointed. I'm very disapointed with the Internet community. People need to get up from their computers. Get outside for some fresh air. Just anything to get out of the house. Perhaps a trip to the zoo?

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